Beyond Relief is so excited to announce that we are receiving a P&G Alumni Foundation grant to start a sewing class at the Beyond Relief Trade School in the fall of 2017! The grant will give the financial assistance to cover the initial cost of setting up the class. This new class will open up new opportunities for the young women of Saint Louis du Nord Haiti. Though it is not uncommon to also see men become tailors in Haiti, this is a class that will be Beyond Relief’s first class that will be more dominantly for women. Sewing is one of the top occupations in Haiti. All schools in Haiti have custom made uniforms as well as requirements for special clothing for the school’s graduation. A person that knows how to sew can get a job working for someone else or can start their own business. We plan to help 40-50 people a year acquire this life changing skill as well as hire 1 or 2 Haitians to teach the class. We are extremely grateful to the P&G Alumni Foundation for their faith in Beyond Relief and for partnering with us to help so many people.

We are also thrilled that we are partnering with The Haiti 323 Project that is already working with 2 other organizations in Haiti to teach sewing classes. Haiti 323 Project has given us some sewing supplies as well as advice on best practices for running a sewing class in Haiti. Thank you Haiti 323 Project!

Another benefit of the sewing class will be that the Beyond Relief Trade School uniforms and graduation clothes will be made by our students. This will save Beyond Relief money in that area. We also plan to have the students make items that will be available to be purchased in the new store that we will be adding soon. Items will be sold mostly to American’s that come to the school to help teach English. All of these things will help the school become more self-sustaining in the future.

Help for the Art Students
Art class was one of the first subjects that was taught at the trade school from the very beginning. We are so blessed to have a very talented artist as the teacher for our class. Art is a 2 year class and by the time the students are in their second year, we really begin to see their talent come out. We have some that are painting some beautiful paintings. We have brought many of the paintings back to the US and are looking for avenues to sell the paintings. The money will be split between the artists that paint the pictures and the school. Art is one of the most expensive classes that the trade school has due to the cost of supplies. We would love to be able to participate in art shows, host an art show at your church or get any advice on selling in person or online. If you can help, please contact Rita at

Looking Forward to 2017
The classes that started last September are going very well. There continues to be almost 200 students attending and we believe that we could have as many as 175 students graduate in July. The computer, English and tiling class are all busting at the seams because these are so popular. The Beyond Relief Trade School continues to offer a unique model in Haiti by providing a quality education while keeping the cost low enough so that Haitians are able to attend. That is only possible because of the people here in the US that contribute to cover the additional cost of running the school. Thank you for everyone that faithfully gives to Beyond Relief. One hundred percent of what you give goes to running the school. We continue to look for an additional 60 people/families/groups to commit to providing a $35 per month scholarship. Will you join us so that we can continue to give hope and a future by providing skills training to many Haitians that never thought they would get that chance to become all that they can be.

Thank you!