“I can’t change all of Haiti, but maybe I can change the lives of some Haitians”. Many short term and long term missionaries to Haiti say that.  Andy Stanley says “do for one what you wish you could do for all”.  God can take the desire to help one or even a few and multiply it to help many more.

2nd half of the graduating class

On July 16, Beyond Relief celebrated its 5th graduating class with 125 trade school graduates!  This was more than double the number that graduated last year.  It was genuinely moving to see the stage of the large church filled with graduates.  It was equally exciting to see the church auditorium filled with family and friends and people overflowing into the street outside.  People came not only from Saint Louis du Nord, but from all over the NW region of Haiti because they had someone from their community graduating.  There are students that attend Beyond Relief Trade School from many communities in NW Haiti. These graduates will impact their families and those communities.

The Haitian culture is very family oriented so giving one person the vocational skills to enable them to get work has a ripple effect.  One person working is likely to provide for 10 or more family member. Those family members will have an impact on at least 20 people in the community.  With 125 graduates, the trade school could easily impact 25,000 people in the communities in which they live.

We praise God for multiplying the effect of educating some to help so many more than we ever imagined.  We thank each of you that support Beyond Relief by providing $35 a month scholarships for students that go far beyond that one student to help so many people in NW Haiti.  Thank you!

As Beyond Relief continues to provide even more opportunities to even more people throughout NW Haiti, we need YOUR help.  Please consider providing a $35 a month scholarship or a one-time donation to help purchase materials for each class for hands-on learning.  Mail your tax free donation to P.O. Box 156, Rossford, OH 43460 or donate online at GoBeyondRelief.org.


P.S.  It has become very difficult to find enough graduation gowns of the same color for the graduations. So we are going to collect black graduation gowns here in the US to send to Haiti for next year.  If you have a graduation gown(s) that you would like to donate, email info@GoBeyondRelief.org