Seeing classes in action

David and Rita Kuntz recently traveled to St. Louis du Nord, Haiti and were able to see a couple of the classes in session.  Though most of their time in Haiti was a national holiday for Carnival, they did get the chance to see the art class and the electrical class in session for one day.  The students and teachers took some time away from their holiday to meet with David and Rita and expressed how thankful they are for the opportunity to attend the trade school.

Mr. Fadrick, the art teacher, was very passionate in sharing how much he appreciates being given the chance to teach art to the Haitian young adults.  As the teachers told the Kuntzes in Creole about their classes, a couple of the English students showed what they are learning by interpreting what the teachers were saying in Creole into English.  All of the students then sang a song in English for David and Rita.

When asked, the students and teachers had many suggestions on things that they think could make their classes better and would help the students to learn their trade better.  This included items such as a text book for each student, because currently just the teacher has a text book and he teaches from that book as the students take notes.  More tools for their particular class would also make their hands on learning more effective.  Please see the section below for specific items that are still needed.

Better than Groupon

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  • Individual text books for each of the electrical students  (15 students)    $450 ($30 each)
  • Individual text books for each of the plumbing students (15 students)     $450 ($30 each)
  • Electrical tools                                                                                  $500
  • Toilet and sink for plumbing class                                                        $300
  • Paint brushes, easels and canvases                                                      $500


Coming next time:

Looking at next year’s classes and adding to the staff.