Year 2 Has Begun

A new director, both 1st and 2ndyear level classes, new lab equipment for the plumbing, electrical, and art classes, and a new location.  These are just a few of the exciting changes for the second year of the Beyond Relief Trade School.  Jonathan Drake is the new American director on the ground in Haiti this year.  Jonathan graduated from Asbury University in Kentucky in May 2012, with a bachelor’s degree in missions.  He brings a lot of enthusiasm as the new leader of the school.  In August Jonathan moved to St. Louis du Nord, Haiti, just as hurricane Isaac was going through Haiti and Florida.  Once he arrived in Haiti, he quickly got to work preparing the school for classes to begin on October 1.  Jonathan has done a super job and we are truly blessed to have him working for Beyond Relief!

Most of last year’s students have moved into the 2ndyear of their classes.  All students who complete their second year will graduate with a certificate from our school in June.  The English class has been revamped with a stronger emphasis on grammar so all of the students this year are in the first year.  The response to the school has exploded this year and enrollment has gone up dramatically.  There are 25-30 students in the first year plumbing, electrical, and art classes, and 40 students in English.  Total enrollment is 145.  On the first day of class there were over 100 additional people standing outside the school hoping that they could still get into one of the classes.

Because of the increased size of the classes, and to have space for the lab materials, Jonathan found a larger building for the school.  Northwest Haiti Christian Mission had some available classroom space and was willing to let the trade school use that space this year.  We appreciate the mission for partnering with Beyond Relief.

English class October 2012

Bringing Hope

When students have been asked why they want to go to the Beyond Relief Trade School, their answer is always the same.  They say they now have hope for their future.  The few schools that are available in northwest Haiti are too expensive for most Haitians to attend.  Beyond Relief is offering low cost training to make it possible for more Haitians to receive the training they need to get well-paying jobs.

Thank you to everyone who has made a donation to make this school possible!

Electrical class October 2012

Help needed

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission has been generous to let us use some space in the mission this year, but we are already aware that we will need to find our own location with more room for next year.  This will be one of our largest expenses so we are starting to raise the funds now.

The Haitian students only pay $2 (US) a month to attend classes.  The majority of expenses are paid for from donations made to Beyond Relief so we continue to look for more sources of revenue.  We need financial donations, grants and fundraisers.  If you can help in any of these areas, please let us know.

Thank you again for all of your support both financially and with prayer.